The end of term is fast approaching and will involve some special events in the life of the College. These events will impact on some of our regular phase activities, so we ask that families take note of the changes where applicable to them. Students will also record these details in their Student Diary for families to reference.

  • In Week 8, there will be no Intermediate Chapel on Monday, March 18 due to the Harmony Day Assembly on Thursday, March 21. Therefore, students will start on Campus 2 in the morning or take the morning shuttle as usual. Please see the blog on the Harmony day event for more details.
  • In Week 9 the Intermediate Chapel for Monday, March 25 will occur at Campus 2 in the Hall. Students will again start on Campus 2 or take the usual shuttle from Campus 1.
  • In Week 10, the final week of term, there will be no Chapel on Monday, April 1 as Intermediate Phase will attend an Easter Chapel on Friday, April 5 in the MPC at Campus 1.

If you have any questions about the changes to our Intermediate Phase Chapel schedule, please contact your class teacher to clarify. We look forward to sharing the celebrations of these special events with any family members who are able to attend.

Steve Jeffrey
Head of Intermediate phase

Ref: 18413SH