The next big sporting events of the year are coming up very fast with the Secondary and Primary Cross Country Carnivals taking place on Monday, March 11 and Tuesday, March 12 respectively. These carnivals will be starting at 8:45am after students have been to home class to be marked off. As with all our major sporting events, we want to see our students participate and succeed, our families enjoy themselves and our College flourish.

As we continue to prepare for this event, I would like to encourage students to ensure they know what age group they are in, what course they are running, where they need to be and also continue to prepare physically for these days. We would also like to remind students and families of the following:

  • Primary students are asked to attend in their Sports Uniform, or another set of appropriate clothing which matches their house colour. Secondary students have special options this year, explained in the attached note.
  • Students turning 12 or 13 this year in Intermediate Phase will have the option to race at the Secondary Carnival for qualification for district events. Students not wanting to qualify for districts will race at the Primary Carnival in the “11 and older” age group.
  • Intermediate Phase students will need to commence their carnival day, Tuesday, March 12, at Campus 1. A shuttle will depart Campus 2 (C2) at 8.25am for students who walk or ride their bicycles to C2. They will return to C2 after the events are completed, at 10.30am, to continue a standard school day. Upon arrival, these students will make their way to the top oval to meet their teachers.
  • Tuckshop will not be affected for either event.
  • Parents are encouraged to park their vehicles in the parent parking through Gate 1 or Gate 2 of the campus. Please note that some parking will be limited where running courses interact with driveways and other property features.
  • Students are also advised to consider bringing and/or applying insect repellent for the event, as much of the course is through natural terrain and recent weather has encouraged mosquito and insects to be more active around those locations.

We also want to extend an invitation to families to come and enjoy these days and cheer on your children. The Café will be open both days on Campus 1 so what better reason to cheer on your son or daughter with a hot cup of coffee in hand.

Please see the letters attached for more specific information regarding the course and race times.

Sam Priestley
Director of Sports

Ref: 0503SH

Primary Cross Country Letter 2019
Secondary Cross Country Letter 2019