Many in our learning community have a connection with New Zealand. The massacre of innocent people anywhere is horrible. The fact that this act of evil happened in Christchurch, such a peaceful part of the world, impacts us as family. We have empathy for the victims of this dreadful deed, many who escaped war torn lands to find a haven in New Zealand only to suffer the atrocity. Jesus said, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ (Matthew 22:39). Let us continue to strive to care for others. 

Our prayer to God 

E te Atua tawharautia nga tangata Aotearoa. Kia kaha Kia Maia Kia Manawanui KOTAHITANGA (People of NZ. Keep them strong, make them brave, make them be of one big heart KOTAHITANGA, United together.) 


God bless,

Allan Weir
Head of College