Learner.Link is the learning management system (LMS) we use. It operates on a platform known as Canvas and is used by teachers to support learning from a digital perspective.

You may have received email notifications advising of upcoming assessment and activity due dates. These emails invite you to view the tasks and prompts you to login. Each parent or carer recorded in Edumate who is configured to receive academic reports is automatically provisioned with observer access in Canvas. Observers can monitor their student’s progress and engagement with learning activities and assessment tasks set by the teacher.

We have prepared an instruction guide that explains:

  • What Learner.Link is
  • How to login to Canvas
  • How to select which courses appear on the dashboard
  • How to install and login to the Canvas mobile app
  • How to update notification preferences

The instruction guide is available from the following link: Learner.Link instruction guide

James van Gelderen
Head of Secondary School