Groves Christian College’s Strings Program is off to a plucky (pun intended) start for our Year 3’s, Year 4’s, and Year 5’s. Our new Year 3 students have learnt about care for instruments, have collected their loan violins and will soon be making music on their instruments through their weekly ensemble lessons. The Year 4 and Year 5 students will be picking up where they left off last year, and will start learning to play music in parts as they progress into their second year of ensemble.

Year 3 students will be beginning with the basics of group musicianship, and we hope each child maintains their commitments to practice and attend each session to see progress as they start their strings learning. Commitment and application to learning an instrument can be a difficult discipline to start, but we know that they will soon see their own skills growing and with dedication these Year 3’s will be eligible to continue in this free program in the years ahead.

We look forward to the violin progress of all our 2019 Strings students, and are eagerly preparing for a school showcase next term. Please encourage our students if you see them around the school!

Yang Xu
Strings Tutor

Ref: 18406SH