Last week, our Captains and Vice-Captains had the opportunity to learn more about leadership at the GRIP Leadership Conference. The purpose of the day was to help equip our student leaders with practical knowledge and learn about the skills required to be effective in their roles this year. Below are their reflections from the day.

“It was nice to meet student leaders from different schools, who were all excited and nervous to lead the school. It was encouraging to be able to speak to students from both public and private schools, about their school matters, including their failed events and ways to improve in the future.
My highlight of the day was learning about ‘Confidence with Humility’. Confidence in oneself and others, to stand on what we believe is right and to live in humility. To know that everyone is different but are one; we need each other.” Laldin Kilung

“The GRIP Leadership Conference helped me, personally as a leader, not only in the school environment but in all aspects of life. It taught the importance of reliability, and how to make sure that everyone is included in different events. GRIP taught me lessons that will help me to be a great leader.” Nicholas Ramsay

“The leadership conference, held by GRIP, was fantastic. One of our main goals as leaders this year is to leave a lasting legacy. We want to do this by creating an impact through God’s fingerprint and plan that He has for us.
Therefore, the conference really combatted those goals in a practical way. It taught us about having confidence with humility, having an others first approach, reliability and empathy. It generated excitement to learn, grow and better in unity.” Laurissa Pona-Baker

“The GRIP Leadership Conference was an incredibly fun and helpful event that I was so grateful to be a part of. The games helped us to build strong relations with leaders from schools all over Brisbane. The sessions were interactive, fun and all around engaging. This opportunity really helped us as leaders to hone our skills and target areas of improvement.” Reshinthine Purushothoman

Simon Geeves
Head of Senior Phase