On Monday, Week 4, Foundation students of Years 1-3 gathered together in the Undercover area for our weekly Assembly. Award certificates were distributed to students who had put a lot of effort into their week in school. Their peers and parents cheered them on as their efforts were proudly acknowledged. Our ‘Class of the Week’ award was given to 2M for displaying exemplary behaviour and greeting visitors politely. The ‘Servant Leader Award’ went to Dawt from 3H for being a kind helper towards those around her. Students were encouraged to be successful readers through a short skit where one of our ILR (I Love Reading program) characters, Miss Quokka visited us. Miss Quokka is a great encourager and motivates readers to persevere through challenging words and not give up. Students from 3H concluded our Assembly with prayer, thanking God for the wonderful things he has made.

Ashwina Milburn
Head of Foundation Phase