The Year 3 students have been focusing on living and non-living things in Science this term. They have learned what a vertebrate and invertebrate is and what makes them different. Students have played various games on this topic, completed investigations and concluded activities to classify various living and non-living things. They enjoyed their lesson on labelling a diagram to record their findings. Students also focused on a rock and although it looked like an egg, it had distinctive features that defined the object.

One of the students, Debbie said, “I didn’t know animals had to have an exoskeleton if they didn’t have bones in their body.” Tamara was interested to find out what slaters are and how they adapt to survive. Genesis couldn’t believe that a shark is classified as a fish.

Our students are excited to be going on our excursion to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens in Mt Coot-tha on Thursday, March 14. They are looking forward to catching and classifying bugs and learning about different habitats.

Please find more information about the event in the letter attached.

Year 3 Excursion Letter

Sue-Ellen Thorne
Year 3 Team Leader