The Bible teaches us that humans are made in the image of God and that we share common first parents, Adam and Eve. As humans spread out across the world in ancient times different groups developed different cultures. Groves Christian College celebrates the harmony we enjoy in our learning community because we share a common Heavenly Father through faith in Jesus Christ. Harmony Day enables us to share and understand the many cultural backgrounds our students represent. From those students who belong to families from our first communities (and traditional stewards of our land) the Aboriginal People Groups and Torres Strait Islanders, through to those who have recently arrived to make Australia their home.

The Harmony Day theme of “Everybody Belongs” is a belief we share at Groves, which makes Harmony Day a significant cultural event in our school year. This year we will be marking the day with a whole-College assembly that celebrates the traditions of cultural groups in our community, followed by activities across the Phases, students will explore the message of “Everybody Belongs”. Please read the attached note for information, including details of the clothing options for this special event.

Harmony Day Letter

Susan Hindle and James van Gelderen
Head of Primary and Head of Secondary