On Monday, Week 3, Prep students, teachers and families gathered around our new Prep Play Gym to attend a short opening ceremony of the play area which students have been eagerly waiting to use. Our Acting Head of College, Mrs Osborne, Head of Primary, Mrs Hindle and our CEO, John Lyndon addressed the importance of play in our students’ learning and development of gross-motor skills through the different outdoor equipment in the Play Gym. While the ground is padded with soft material and risk assessments have been performed, with supervision students are encouraged to discover their new setting and learn how to become resilient by being aware of their surroundings. Once the ribbon was cut, students excitedly explored their new playground by climbing on the ropes, balancing on the timber frames, going down the slides and playing with Mrs Hindle and Mrs Osborne on the seesaw.

Ashwina Milburn
Head of Foundation Phase

Ref: 18026AM