Our instrumental tuition program is fuelled by the passion of the tutors. We have two talented piano tutors who are skilled pianists and gifted tutors.

Meet Karen Becker
My name is Karen Becker and I have been tutoring piano students at Groves for nine years and been involved with Groves as a parent for fifteen years. I first started learning to play the piano when I was ten and living in Kenya. We played on an electric keyboard that was powered by a car battery. I continued piano lessons for the next fifteen years when we moved back to Australia. I have four daughters who at various times have had piano, violin, guitar, percussion and singing lessons. I have taught students from Grades 1 to 12 and have enjoyed seeing many of them develop their skills and confidence over the years. My role as a piano tutor involves selecting music that is appropriate to the student’s level, that is challenging but achievable, and teaching them by sharing my experience and knowledge in a way that encourages them to learn. However ultimately it is the time and effort put in by the student in practicing that leads to improvement. Like any skill, it is consistent practice that makes perfect.

Meet Michelle Farley
I’m Michelle Farley and I look forward to starting piano tuition and choir accompanying at Groves this year. One of my loves is certainly accompanying singing and especially songs of praise to God. I have been teaching the piano for over twenty years and look forward to beginning the musical journey as a piano tutor on both campuses with the students of Groves Christian College. I believe that music is an amazing gift from God and has all sorts of wonderful benefits in life and learning. I look forward to meeting my new students and their families as the year begins.

If you are interested in taking up music tuition with one of our piano tutors or tutors of other instruments, please contact the office for an Instrumental Program enrolment form if you would like your child to learn the piano with one of our tutors.

Kialyn Wassenberg
Director of Arts

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