Thank you to everyone who has attended chat sessions over the past couple of weeks! I have been so encouraged with the range of engagement with my course and the ability of students to think on their feet and provide answers in a variety of ways!

The chat times have been full of useful discussion and explanation of Assessments. For English Week 4’s chat sessions will be focused on Assessments for Year 10 and 11.

I have been really proud of the traffic on my courses in regards to the Discussion Forums and also the chat sessions. These are such valuable sources provided to you and give me an insight into your understanding.

Thanks again for being part of the Week 3 chat sessions that focused on Scene and Media Analysis and Exploration of the issue of Racism within to Kill A Mockingbird.

It is a real honour to be part of your learning experience.

Jacqueline Nott
Secondary Teacher

Ref: 17840SS