Please read the following information from the Careers Office:

  • Careers Newsletter Term 1 Week 4

Careers Newsletter Term 1 Week 4

Inside This Issue

1. Beyond School Study Guide
2. From UMAT to UCAT
3. Medical Career Planning
4. National Youth Science Forum
5. What does a “Dogger” do?
6. Artistic or Creative?
7. Group of Eight” Universities
8. Tuckwell Scholarship
9. Steps to Becoming an Australian Apprentice

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Jane Thornton
Careers Advisor

Careers Newsletter Term 1 Week 4

Please read the following information from the Careers Office:

  • Beacon Student Ambassador Program

Beacon Student Ambassador Program

The Beacon Student Ambassador (BSA) program is a student leadership program that actively engages students in the organization and delivery of Beacon activities within the College. The BSAs are therefore the drivers of Beacon programs in the College and provide important representation of the student body for all programs. They also play an important role in communicating and disseminating information to students about Beacon activities, which helps increase student and teacher interest, which in turn, leads to an increased number of well-informed, confident youth who are well positioned to make choices about their futures.

Through their involvement with the program, BSAs can develop their skills in:

• Leadership
• Networking
• Public speaking
• Presentation
• Event management
• Marketing and communications
• Budget management

Congratulations to the following year 10 students who are our Beacon Ambassadors for 2019.

Danial Lian
Marco En Biak Thang
Esther Lui (absent from photo)
Luisa Takataka
Mary Mual Hlun
Teneisha Maas
Faith Crichton
Thae Nay Htoo Thaenaysay