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  • The University of Queensland Refugee Tutoring Club Student Tutoring 2019

The University of Queensland Refugee Tutoring Club Student Tutoring 2019

UQRTC tutoring and workshop program is a non-profit, student-run volunteer program, that provides private tutoring to high school students from refugee backgrounds, and aims to inspire students to pursue tertiary education.

Currently, they have several Brisbane high schools participating in the program, and last year had approximately 70 students and 70 tutors enrolled. They welcome students from Grades 7-12 and are happy to accommodate student preferences regarding the gender of their tutor.

All of the tutors are current UQ students, who are studying various disciplines including Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science and Arts. They all hold valid Blue Cards and have attended compulsory tutor training and skills workshops.

Students attend tutoring sessions on a weekly basis at the University of Queensland’s St Lucia Campus and are assigned a tutor each – maintaining our 1:1 ratio. Tutoring sessions are held between 4-6pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in an allocated classroom on campus.

Students interested in applying for the program can elect which day suits them best, and they will be matched with a tutor with the same availability. All tutors can tutor English, and each helps students in their specialist areas such as Maths, the Sciences, History, Legal Studies etc.

Aside from tutoring, the program also aims to provide students with valuable career mentoring opportunities and make tertiary education more accessible. Therefore, they conduct several specialist workshops for students throughout the year. These include workshops on Plagiarism and Referencing, Further Studies and Career Options, Public Speaking, Exam Prep, and Resume and Cover Letter Writing.

Attached is the Schools Information Pack, Student Information Pack and Student Application Form.

Please contact Mrs Thornton if you are interested in participating in this opportunity.

Student Application Form RTC
Student Information Pack RTC


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  • School-Based Traineeships through Maxima

School-Based Traineeships through Maxima

Please see the attached flyer for School-Based Traineeships that Maxima has on offer, commencing in 2019.

Students should send through a resume and cover letter to me if they are interested in applying.

Qualifications Include
• Certificate III Business
• Certificate II in Automotive Underbody Technology

Who Should Apply
These positions are open to students currently in grade 11 only.
We ask that you encourage students to apply who have demonstrated their ability to work hard and strive for their goals.

How to Apply
Please have students include:
1. Most current resume (please indicate if the student holds or is studying any certificates),
2. Cover letter detailing which of these traineeships/apprenticeships they would like to apply for,
3. Copy of their most recent report card

After More Information?
If you are after more details on this traineeship/apprentice program please contact:
Debbie Stefancic 07 3800 1588/0413 294 874
Liam Reeves 07 3800 1588/0412 593 309

Maxima will maintain their best efforts to respond promptly to all enquiries that you may have regarding these positions.

Traineeship Local Government

Please read the following information from the Careers Office:

  • School-Based Traineeships & Apprenticeships

School-Based Traineeships & Apprenticeships

Please find the below information on School-Based Traineeships & Apprenticeships:

Kick-start your career in local government and take the next step toward your future career goals in 2019!

Why join our program?

Council’s Traineeship and Apprenticeship Program not only helps you gain a nationally recognised qualification, it also offers value-add opportunities such as:
• Learning and Development Program – including training courses in Personal Productivity and Focus, Communication Techniques, Conflict Resolution and Assertiveness
• Job Readiness Training – to prepare you for the transition from Trainee/Apprentice to your next career goal
• Ambassador opportunity at Council’s annual Ignite Youth Careers Expo
• Co-lead community projects involving Youth Assisting Youth (YAY Team)

How to apply

We are currently recruiting for 5 school-based traineeships – candidates must currently be in year 11 and undertake the school-based traineeship over two years.
3 x Business
2 x Automotive Servicing
Please note: We are not currently recruiting for full-time traineeships.
Council, via our panel of providers, recruits for opportunities annually. Council is the Host Employer; however, initial recruitment is undertaken by our service providers (Maxima, MEGT or All Trades Queensland) so please contact one of them to be considered.

We are currently recruiting for 5 school-based traineeships – candidates must currently be in year 11 and undertake the school-based traineeship over two years.

Please read the following information from the Careers Office:

  • Upcoming Senior Phase Work Experience

Upcoming Senior Phase Work Experience

The Purpose of Work Experience

Each year at Groves Christian College, students are involved in Work Experience Placements. Work Experience is a compulsory part of the senior school curriculum. A work placement assists students in their transition from school to work. It provides a formal arrangement whereby students, while enrolled in school, participate in the activities of a place of work. This experience is invaluable for the career decision-making process and for gaining valuable employability skills. Students will have their first introduction to the realities of working a normal business day and relating to people in an employee/employer relationship.
A work experience provider may be a person, a company, a business, an association, a local authority or any other body able, in the opinion of the Principal, to provide work experience. Blue Cards are not required for work experience providers.

How to Choose a Placement

A work experience placement should align with a career that the student might be interested in when they complete their secondary schooling. If you are planning to complete, or are completing a certificate through school or TAFE, you would match your placement to that industry so you can gain insight into the requirements of the job. Many of you have family and friends as well as people in the community who are involved in their own businesses in various industries. Networking in this way is invaluable for both work experience and finding work in the long-term.

Students will be required to find their own placements; however, I am more than willing to provide advice and assistance. Many of our students obtain casual positions, and sometimes school-based traineeships or apprenticeships because of their work placement. They may also receive a reference in their work placement booklet, which they can use when applying for part-time work. Students should be aware that there is considerable competition in Logan from other schools who will be holding work experience blocks at the same time. The search for a placement should commence as early as possible in the year to increase the likelihood of gaining a placement in your preferred industry.

Paperwork and Insurance

Students should provide us with all of the contact details of the employer they have organized to work with. The pre-placement form (attached) has all the details for your convenience. Please return to the form to me once completed. Students will require a workplace agreement signed by the employer, parent, student and the Head of Secondary before a placement can commence. I will send you the completed document once confirmation of placement is approved. Students are required to meet with the employer to organise signing of paperwork and discuss expectations and duties. Independent Schools Queensland cover students for Work-cover. The Queensland Government (information attached) provides Public Liability Insurance.

Placement dates: Monday 24 – Friday 28 June 2019 (week 10 of term 2). Year levels 10 – 12

Needing Help

Please encourage your child in the decision about what type of industry to be involved in. Please also consider the distance from your home and your ability to assist with travel. If you are unsure or have any questions, please call or email me at any time.

Jane Thornton
Careers Officer – 3380 5866

WE Pre-Placement Form 2019
WE Career Interests and Contracts 2019

Jane Thornton
Careers Advisor