Term 1 in Foundation Phase has started with an exciting vibe, especially around our playgrounds. Our Preps students are enjoying their new shaded verandah where they can comfortably sit for their breaks and carry out low-key games such as colouring, skipping and using stilts to help with their gross motor skills. The students in Prep are eagerly waiting for their brand new Play Gym to be completed and start some new adventures on the new equipment. During the first 5 weeks of school, students in Prep will be using different playground areas through a rostering system to allow them the opportunity to become familiar with their new setting and understand the expectations of each area. This also enables students to get to know their classmates during outdoor play activities and develop stronger friendship circles. As of Week 6, students will be able to choose their preferred area to play for each break.

Year 1-3 students have been introduced to some new outdoor equipment in the Foundation Undercover area. They have been enjoying using balance boards, stilts, hula hoop, parachute games and many more fun activities. The students are also very excited for their new Ballcourt area to be completed so they can use their brand new balls this year.

We are looking forward to a great term where students are consistently engaged in their learning activities, both indoors and outdoors.

Our Foundation Assemblies will commence in Week 2, Mondays at 8:30am in the Foundation Undercover area. Chapels will also start as of Week 2, Fridays at 8:30 in the MPC. We invite all parents to join these events to celebrate the achievements of our students and to worship God together. Our Prep students will be joining the Assemblies and Chapels as of Week 6 in order to settle well into their class routines. From Week 3, they will be receiving their weekly awards in their classrooms among their peers and teachers.

Thank you for all your support this week.

Ashwina Milburn
Head of Foundation Phase