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Week 3 Assembly in Foundation Phase


Week 3 started strong as students from Foundation Phase gathered together on Monday morning and were congratulated for their achievements by receiving awards. We were joined by a special guest from the

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Week 2 Chapel in Foundation Phase


In Week 2, Friday morning, Foundation students had their first Chapel of the year. Our Chaplain, “Chappy Jeff” was introduced and even had a go at singing and dancing with our Groovy

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Reflection of Year 4 Numeracy Groups


Students were given blocks of thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. The teacher wrote a number on the board, e.g. 1,756 and students then arranged the blocks to represent that number. Additionally, the

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We Are Learners


This year students are focusing on being learners who are respectful, responsible, resourceful and resilient. As a class, 5J discussed what these words mean and what they might look like. The students

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