Welcome to 2019. I trust all of our families have had a smooth start to the year.

Please remember that traffic around the College will be particularly heavy during these first days of school as parents settle their children into a new school routine. We need to work together to keep everyone safe and calm. Parents of younger children often choose to park and walk their children to the classroom. Please consider parking along Laughlin Street and walking into the school. We will issue further traffic and parking updates as required to guide us. Traffic usually settles after the first few weeks. For now, please note: 

  • Please be careful where you park on Laughlin Street as there are several “No Parking” areas signposted that do not have a yellow line. The police and council monitor these areas and frequently issue fines. The Logan City Council School Parking Fact Sheet contains advice about parking around schools for your information. 
  • We offer a value for money comprehensive bus service that has routes that cover most areas our students come from. We also run a complimentary bus transfer service to local railway stations and the Springwood Bus Station. For more information about these services please contact the Bus Coordinator via email (bus@groves.qld.edu.au).

Brian Davison
Head of Infrastructure and Auxiliary Services