It was pleasing to see many families join us for last Thursday’s Dedication Service. This special event was an opportunity for our school community to dedicate and celebrate the year ahead. We spent time thanking God for the students He has placed in our care and prayed for our students, parents and College Staff. We inducted our Year 12 students and announced the student leadership positions for 2019. I’m confident these students will do a wonderful job in helping lead and guide fellow students in 2019.

College Captain: Nicholas Ramsay
College Captain: Reshinthine Purushothaman

Vice-Captain: Laurissa Pona-Baker
Vice-Captain: Laldin Kilung

Sports Captain: Jonah Fox
Arts Captain: Jake Lyons
Community Captain: Alofaina Mamea

House Captains:
Aylward: Devika Abdul, Kavishka Udagepola
Carmichael: Pulepule Halaufia-Takataka, Moana Lemeki
Elliot: Frank Lopati, Anastasia Palupe
Livingstone: Shantel Bright, Litia Petersen

James van Gelderen
Head of Secondary School

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