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Uniform updates for 2019

Groves Christian College values the wearing of school uniforms. Wearing a uniform creates an identity for the school and is a practical way that students can show a sense of pride in themselves, their school, and their contribution to the learning community. School uniforms enable:

  • Belonging: Uniforms quickly identify students as members of the Groves community.
  • Safety: Appropriate range of clothes for a range of activities.
  • Simplicity: Keeping the focus on school work and not who wears what.

The standard of the school uniform is a powerful symbol of the aspirations we hold for our children and young people. Over the years the expectations of what our students can achieve at and beyond school has continued to develop. Higher expectations of staff, families and students has led our community to consider our school uniform.

Therefore, commencing in Term 1, the College will introduce the following items:-

Navy sports jacket in Prep to Year 12 for boys and girls

This new navy sports jacket is replacing the current teal and maroon sports jacket across the College. The sports jacket will provide protection from the cooler weather while enhancing our sports uniform. The uniform shop will sell the new sports jacket from January 2019.

Transition: To allow families time to transition into the new sports jacket, students are still permitted to wear the teal sports jacket until December 2021.

Prep – Year 9: The sports jacket may be worn throughout the year when dressed in the formal uniform or sports uniform for students in Prep to Year 9.

Year 10 – Year 12:  Senior Phase students may wear the sport jacket with the Sports Uniform only. The Blazer is to be worn with formal uniform in Terms 2 and 3 plus formal occasions.

Secondary Sports track pants in Year 7- Year 12 for boys and girls

Secondary students: may wear the sports track pants throughout the year when wearing the sports uniform. Students who own a pair of the existing fleece-lined track pants are still permitted to wear them, however, this style will no longer be available for purchase from the uniform shop in 2019.

Primary students: The existing fleece-lined track pants will remain available for sale to all primary students.

Primary Boys formal shirt requirement

From Term 1, 2019 all Primary boys formal shirts are to be worn tucked in with the requirement of a plain black belt.

Expired uniform items

The transition periods for the following item expires as of December 2018 and will not be permitted in 2019.

  • Unisex Teal V Neck Jumper (Prep – Year 12)

The Navy V Neck jumper has been available for families to purchase from 2016.




Nicole Quak
Retail Services Coordinator