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Head of Primary – End of Year

Another exciting and eventful year of learning and adventure has come to an end in the Primary School. A year is a very long time for a child, however it has also been a journey of great progress for each child and it has been our pleasure to share this journey with families of the Primary School. On behalf of all the teachers and supporting staff, thank you to all our 2018 Primary families who have shared this journey with us. It is our privilege to work closely with you in the education of your children, and we are grateful for your support and prayers as we share in the Groves Community.

A few notices for the conclusion of 2018 and commencement of 2019:

  • 2018 Report Cards: Semester Two Report Cards were emailed to all families on Monday 3 December, and are also available on the Parent Portal in EduMate. For directions on accessing the Parent Portal for this and other important information, please see the EduMate FAQs or contact our College Administration team who can support you. The Parent Portal on EduMate is an important resource for all College families, so if you are not currently connected please refresh your access while Administration staff are in the offices to assist.
  • Staff updates: New teachers of the College will be introduced in our usual year level introductions in the first weeks of 2019. These teams will work under the leadership of Mrs Ashwina Milburn as Head of Foundation Phase (P-Yr3), and Mr Stephen Jeffrey as Head of Intermediate Phase (Yr4-6).
  • 2019 Student Orientation: Please make time on the afternoon of Thursday, January 24, 2019 to visit the school and meet your new teacher. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourselves and give updates to staff for the year ahead, while dropping off any school materials that are already prepared for the first day on Tuesday, January 29 (following the public holiday). Prep families will soon receive specific information about booking their Prep Orientation sessions, and I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this process to prepare your child for their ‘first ever’ day of school.
  • 2019 Bookpacks and booklists: The 2019 Primary booklists have been published and made available for families to purchase ready for 2019 school commencement. Please see the booklist blog for all the P-12 booklists. Bookpacks (resources the College provides for students in their school work) will be available for optional collection from Monday, January 14, should families wish to collect them early and personalise the items. Bookpacks that are not collected in advance will be available in the classrooms on January 24 or for the first school day on January 29, therefore collection is not necessary except for personalisation, such as covering or decoration. Name labels are added to all items at school.
  • 2019 uniform updates: Updated Primary School uniform information is available for 2019. There are minor but significant changes, including a compulsory belt with tucked-in shirts for the boys Formal Uniform. The Personal Presentation and Uniform Code at Groves is enforced, including the associated shoe, jewellery, earring and hair policies, and students are expected to attend class in uniform. I encourage families to review these policies if unsighted for some time, to ensure that school purchases for the new year will meet the policy requirements. Thank you for working with us to help our students represent themselves and our College well through correct uniform.

Thank you again for all your support of your children and the College in 2018, through positive communication, volunteering, homework guidance, daily school preparations and prayer. All these actions are so valuable to us in the work we undertake with you. We are proud of all the progress each child has made in the past year, and recognise the input that every household contributes towards school outcomes. It is exciting to think that 2019 will see a new group of families joining us for Prep and other year levels, and a little sad to see our current Year Sixes moving from our care into their Secondary School journeys. Wherever your family is in 2019, it has been our pleasure to work with you all as part of our school community this year. We wish departing families all the best and look forward to continuing our work in 2019 with our returning students.

God bless you each in the holiday and Christmas season ahead.

Susan Hindle
Head of Primary School