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Foundation Phase Assembly Week 9

Our final Foundation Assembly of 2018 took place on Monday of Week 9 and students received certificates of achievement for their efforts in their learning. Our ‘Class of the Week’ award was presented to 1D and the Mathletics trophy went to 1B. The Head of Primary, Mrs Hindle, presented some Gold certificates to students who demonstrated excellent behaviour throughout the entire semester. Our H.P.E Teacher, Mr Matthews gave special medals to Age Champion students who came in 1st place during the Foundation Sports Day event in October. Year 2 teachers reminded all students the importance of taking turns to play with resources and demonstrated how to politely speak to friends when sharing toys. We had some special princesses visit us to acknowledge students who would be participating in the Primary musical, ‘Happily Forever After’ in 2019. Our Prep student concluded the Assembly with prayer, thanking God for a great holiday ahead and asking Him for protection.

Ashwina Milburn
Head of Foundation Phase