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Reminder Year 12 Term 4 Events Information

Congratulations to the Year 12 students on reaching the final term of their schooling years.

This term is already very busy with finalising assignments and sitting final examinations. It is important to stay focused and committed to finishing the year strong and reaching your personal best. The aim of this notice is to communicate a number of end of year events that will help finalise, celebrate and transition our students at the end of the year.

Some considerations regarding the end of year events:
 It is important that students focus on their studies until the last piece of assessment is finalised.

 Please be wise with Formal arrangements. It is not about spending lots of money. The focus is on fellowship, being grateful to God, family and others for helping you complete your years of schooling. Of course, we need style, dressing up, on the Formal night but this does not need to be achieved by spending excessive amounts of money.

 The Groves Formal dinner is an in-house event for our Year 12 Day School and Distance Education students and staff only. Our emphasis is on celebrating as friends completing school together.

 The final week of school will be packed with events: Senior Phase Awards Night, the Beach Day, Pre-Formal & Formal and finally Graduation including the Guard of Honour through the College.

For any further information on the events listed please feel free to contact us via the College reception or on or

Week 6 Events
Monday, November 12: Year 12’s Excellent Adventure
Please refer to information emailed directly to year 12 students and families. This is an optional school day for Year 12 students.

Tuesday, November 13: Awards Night rehearsal & Awards Night
Students are required to be at school to practice for Awards Night

The Senior Phase Awards Night will take place in the MPC at 7:00 pm. Details will be posted on the College website leading up to the event.

Wednesday, November 14: Pre-Formal & Formal
This is a non-school day for Year 12 students.

The Pre-Formal will take place in the MPC from 4:30 pm with a red carpet entry for the students. Students arriving in the College-provided cars will need to be dropped off at Reception. This event is for the family of the graduating Year 12 students, along with College staff. Professional photography services are provided, with each student having the opportunity to take a family photo in J1. The Party Bus will leave the College at 6:10 pm to head to the Formal venue.

Formal Dinner
The Formal dinner is for Day School and Distance Education Year 12 students and staff only. The students will make their way, by the College Party Bus or their own transport, to the Queensland Tennis Centre. They will need to be seated by 7:30 pm. The photographer will be at QTC for individual and group photos. The evening concludes at 11:00 pm, with students being collected from the venue.

Thursday, November 15: Beach Day
The cohort will head to Coolangatta Beach with a group of Year 12 staff. They will be away from school during regular school times. Please ensure sun safe clothing is worn and sunscreen is applied.

Friday, November 16: Graduation & Guard of Honour
This is the final day of school for the Year 12 students. In the morning the Graduation Ceremony will be held in the MPC, culminating in a Guard of Honour departure through the College grounds. The Guard of Honour experience is not to be missed as the Year 12 students are farewelled by the entire College, from Prep to Year 11 and staff. Students will leave the College before midday on the day.

Simon Geeves
Head of Senior Phase

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