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Year 10 and 11 End of Year Excursion

Orion Shopping Centre and Robelle Domain Parklands excursion.

This is an opportunity for the Year 10 and 11 Students to have fellowship and fun in a relaxed social environment as they finish out the school year for 2018. Students may spend their time shopping, seeing a movie, playing mini-golf, tenpin bowling or relaxing with their peers in the water lagoon.

Students will be required to nominate at least two other students they will be with during the day and to provide a contact phone number to the supervising teachers who will also be in the shopping centre at various locations. Students will be allowed to spend their time independently at Orion Shopping Centre and Robelle Domain Parklands in a manner keeping with the Groves ethos. Groves staff will be supervising both in the shopping centre and the water area, which is patrolled.

When: Friday, November 30, 2018
Where: Orion Shopping Centre and Robelle Domain Parklands
What to wear: Free Dress – to comply with our non-uniform day policy
What to bring: Bring money for lunch and spending money for any other discretionary items
Departing: 8:45 am
Returning: 2:45 pm

Students will be travelling to and from the venue via the Groves buses.

Other information: In order to attend, students will need to complete all of their assessment tasks as required by their subject teachers by Wednesday, November 28, 2018. Students are also required to have returned all resources loaned from the school by Thursday, November 29, 2018.
Teachers and other staff will obtain medical, dental or paramedical assistance, which they deem necessary, should an accident occur. In such cases, parents must pay all medical dental and paramedical expenses incurred on behalf of a student.

Simon Geeves
Head of Senior Phase

Ref: 16515SG