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Upcoming Culmination Day in Year 2

On Wednesday, November 28, students in Year 2 will be given the opportunity to demonstrate and share their Design and Technologies, Science and Mathematics skills during their Culmination Day. They have been excitedly designing and building marble ramps in Mathematics, as well as investigating parachutes and the forces of push and pull in Science, Design and Technologies. Students have put their ‘Engineering hats’ on and are very excited to display their ideas.

Parents are invited to come along to this special day to explore the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with their child. Students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate how to build, test and reflect on their designs and learn to apply these skills to real-life situations.

Date:        Wednesday, November 28
Location: Your child’s Year 2 classroom
Time:        2-3pm

If you would like to come to this event, please let your child’s classroom teacher know.

Kaye-Marie Morgan
Year 2M Teacher