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Reflection of Year 3 Planetarium Excursion

On Thursday, November 1, Year 3 students went to Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium. They were invited to go on an adventure and explore the night sky. Students were taken through the galaxy, into outer space. They were amazed at the size of the planets and were able to explore their orbits. When asked what they learned, students from 3H answered, “Saturn has 64 moons” and “There are more than one dwarf planet like Pluto but actually 6!”

Catherine from 3T loved when we went in the theatre. “We learned how the sun moves,” she said.

Joshua from 3J said, “I liked seeing all of the space displays outside of the theatre. The space suit was cool!”

Manuia from 3R commented, “The four big planets are made from gas and Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are made from rock.”

Our Year 3 students have continued to extend their interest and knowledge of space, the sun and the moon in the classrooms through our studies in Science. Students thought that it was an amazing day and most of them agreed that it was the best excursion they had this year.

Melanie Hunter
Year 3H Teacher