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2019 Confirmation Letter

Thank you for being part of our learning community. Groves Christian College continues to attract families seeking to place their children in the school. Several of our year levels are already at full capacity and others are filling with enrolments for 2019.

To help with planning, earlier this month we mailed out a 2019 Confirmation Letter to all our current families to complete. Your help in this regard will enable us to confirm the enrolment of new students and purchase the right amount of resources ready for your children in 2019. If you have not returned your 2019 Confirmation Letter, can you please drop this into the Administration Office at either Campus 1 or Campus 2 before Friday, November 30, 2018.

Should you have misplaced your letter, please email a brief confirmation to Just a reminder that should your family circumstances have changed and you are not planning on returning to Groves in 2019, we do require 10 weeks notice of disenrolment.

Nerina Callaghan
Community Services Manager

Ref: 16510FB