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Developing routines and home study habits

As we start another busy term it is worth spending some time this week developing good back to school routines and home study habits. Some students are naturally able to find a good balance between all the facets of their life: schoolwork, church, sports, activities, friends, family, technology, part time work and all of the other aspects of life that keep us busy from when we wake to when we sleep. Other students struggle to fit their schoolwork in during the evenings and weekend. Some students come home after school and just sort of ‘wait’ until they feel like working. Some students start work not long after they get home, but they drag their work out over the whole night doing work in front of the TV, or the computer or their phone.

A much more effective way to approach home study each evening is to keep your school work and your personal life separate. Don’t do your work in front of the TV, don’t do it while on social network sites or while using messenger apps, instead work in 20-30 minute blocks of time and during this time make the conscious choice to actually remove or turn off things that are going to distract you. Train yourself to have breaks from your distractions for the blocks of time when you do schoolwork.

By doing this you will learn to really focus and concentrate on what you are doing for a block of time. You will be amazed at how much work you get done and how productive you are during this time. Then at the end of that half hour period you have a proper break and really enjoy your free time.

Enjoy Term 4 and all that it will bring!

James van Gelderen
Head of Secondary School

Ref: 15373JVG