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Head of College – 2018, Term 3, Week 9

Building development 

Development of new and the renewal of the existing is an ongoing undertaking that we invest time in to continue to ensure a modern, quality and pleasant learning environment.  

Prep play area update 

Those of us who have read ‘Winnie the Pooh’ will remember Rabbit’s statement when they were waiting for their sticks to reach the other side of the bridge while playing Poohsticks in the Hundred Acre Wood, “They always take longer than you think.”  Likewise it seems most building projects always take longer than you think. 

Earlier in the year we announced the introduction of different play zones for the Preps to play in. While these areas are being enjoyed by the children each day, we had hoped that an additional large play gym area would have been constructed and open for use this year. We prepared the area and had everything ready for the builder, however, the Queensland supplier of this quality play gym went into receivership. It is sad when businesses collapse for the owners and employees. For us, while this delayed the construction, the good news is that we did not lose any money in the matter and are now working directly with the Australian manufacture to have the equipment installed. This year’s students continue to enjoy: 

  • Nature Parkland Zone – this stretch of land was pioneered by our Kindy children in 2017 and is also now available to our Prep students for active and imaginative bushland play. 
  • Bushland Adventure Zone – this is being resourced in 2018 with materials that encourage constructive and creative play. Natural items including tree stumps and rocks are to help develop opportunities for our children to return to the ‘Australian bush’. 
  • Sensory Space – opened for 2018, the Sensory space is a calmer creative play zone. The mud kitchen attached to the sandpit, Kitchen Garden beds and little rolling hills make this area a peaceful place while stimulating the imagination. 
  • Existing play gym. 
  • Space to run around. 

Our goal in designing play spaces for Prep has always been to provide opportunities for; creativity, socialisation, gross and fine motor development, and nature-linked play, including options for energetic and calming activities.  We believe play spaces with these features enhance the outdoor classroom experience and enrich the learning even as children play. 

Expanding Campus 1 

If you drive along Laughlin Street you will have noticed that we have extended our fence line. Eventually we will expand the car park and drop off zone into these spaces. This will be a long term project. We currently have contractors clearing one of the properties. Clearing just one property takes time. I am pleased to report that the contractor did save a great deal of the timbers and other building parts of the former house. It is good to know that these items will be made use of on other housing sites to preserve older houses rather than ending up in landfill.     

In the years ahead we have, God willing, a large building program to cater for the future needs of all our students.  


  • Our children’s effort and progress.  
  • The opportunities our students have for outdoor education. Our Day School Year 5 students are currently on camp. 

Pray for:  

  • Our students and teachers who are travelling to China very early on Saturday morning as representatives of our learning community on a friendship tour to some of the schools that visit Groves through the year.    
  • Those students in our Day and Distance Education Schools that need to balance their school life with their pursuits in sports and arts.   

Plan to:  

  • Keep talking with your children about what they have learnt each school day. 
  • Distance Education Families – Enjoy a great day of learning in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland including visiting the Maleny Diaries.  

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31 NIV). 

God bless, 

Allan Weir 

Head of College