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  • Upcoming Senior Phase Excursion to Griffith University
  • Upcoming Senior Phase Incursion – 2019 Apprenticeships
  • Career Information Bulletin – Week 10
  • Are you thinking of studying in the USA after Year 12?
  • School-based Traineeship Vacancies – Brisbane and Gold Coast
  • USQ News
  • Griffith University – Q&A Sessions

Upcoming Senior Phase Excursion to Griffith University

On Friday, September 21, Griffith University’s Student Diversity and Inclusion Department will run a program for interested year 11 students.

The event will run from 8:40 am – 11:00 am.

Students will hear from current students at Griffith University about life at University and support networks available.

This session is invaluable for students who want to know the how, what, when and where of university life.

Students who attend the session will have opportunity to take a tour of the Logan Campus of Griffith University on Thursday, October 25.

Students registered earlier in the year for this event.

Upcoming Senior Phase Incursion – 2019 Apprenticeships

On Thursday, September 20 from 2:00 – 3:00 pm, representatives from OSMAC Group Training are coming to talk to Year 12 students.

They will be discussing how to make applications for Apprenticeships commencing in 2019.

The Year 12 Automotive and Construction classes will be in attendance as well as other Year 12 students who have shown interest.

OSMAC is Australia’s fastest growing group training organization.

You can find more information on their Website:

Career Information Bulletin – Week 10

Please click on the button below to view this fortnight’s Career Information Bulletin.

Are you thinking of studying in the USA after Year 12?

The Southport School (TSS) offers students who are looking to study in the USA after Year 12, opportunity to complete the USA college entrance tests (SAT) through the College Board. 

In addition to offering the SAT and ACT entrance tests for Year 12 students, their international accreditation also encompasses the PSAT which is a standardised test directed at both Year 10 and Year 11 students who have aspirations of completing Year 12 here in Australia then heading on to college in the USA via an academic pathway and/or sporting scholarship.

Recommended timeline is as follows:

• YEAR 10: First PSAT
• YEAR 11: Second PSAT
• YEAR 12: SAT (usually taken twice in Year 12)

The PSAT (Pre-SAT) is literally as its name suggests – a preliminary version of the SAT. It is designed as a practical resource to assist students in preparing for the SAT proper, with most students taking the PSAT twice: once in Year 10 and then again in Year 11 in readiness for the SAT in Year 12. All students who complete the PSAT receive a results portfolio from College Board designed to give them an indication of potential college readiness by the end of Year 12; it also provides comprehensive feedback to highlight areas of study which could benefit from more concentrated focus as they head into SAT preparation.

The final PSAT testing date for 2018 is Saturday, October 13, with testing commencing at TSS at 8:00 am and concluding around 12 midday.

TSS have a few places remaining in the above session and would recommend that any Year 10/11 students considering USA as a real option for tertiary study invest some time in their SAT preparation by taking the PSAT.

In order to register for the October PSAT the following information will need to be provided to TSS via email, then payment process should be completed at:

Date of Birth:
Email address:
Current Year Level:
Current School:

Please proceed to payment:

Please contact:
Ms. Katrina Martin 
07 5531 9944
Mrs. Helen McCleary
07 5531 9865

School-based Traineeship Vacancies – Brisbane and Gold Coast

Attached are the latest school-based traineeship vacancies for Brisbane and Gold Coast, offered through Prestige Training. 

Please contact Mrs. Thornton before applying.

USQ News

Accelerated Entry Pathway Program

Current Year 12 students (both OP and non-OP) can prepare for university study by undertaking the free Accelerated Entry Pathway Program (AEPP) at USQ over the summer semester. On successful completion of the AEPP, students will be eligible to apply for a wide range of undergraduate programs at USQ. Please visit their website for further information..

Campus Tour Bookings Available For Future Students

The September school holidays are nearly here, and a Campus Tour is a great opportunity for future students to receive an on-campus experience at any of the USQ campuses located in Toowoomba, Springfield or Ipswich. Guided by one of their current USQ students, they will tailor a personalised tour for you where you’ll be able to discover their world-class facilities and services. Book a tour  online today!

Griffith University – Q&A Sessions

Griffith University understands this time of year can be busy, stressful and confusing for students. So they have their expert advisers on hand during these school holidays, available to speak to students about their unique circumstances and interests at a 30-minute, personalised, one-on-one Q&A session. Their advisers will help you explore your study options and give you advice about the range of support services available at Griffith.

Q&A sessions can be in person at their Gold Coast or Nathan campuses, or over the phone.

10 am – 6 pm, Monday to Friday
from September 24 until October 12, 2018

» Book a Q&A session online today at

Jane Thornton
Careers Advisor

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