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STEM within Groves Christian College

STEM education is the learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an integrated approach, using hands on kinaesthetic learning. Students gain and apply knowledge, deepening their understanding, and developing their creative and critical thinking skills. We use real world issues for the students to become part of a global solution, using out of the box thinking, teamwork and innovative inventions, to overcome higher level thinking situations that are relevant in today’s society, such as climate change, pollution, advanced in medicine, clean water for third world countries, and establishing life on other planets.

We are about to embark on a unique STEM project looking in to the topic of diseases. Our STEM Coordinator has designed and created a half-day incursion, in which the students will be performing a pig autopsy to determine the “disease” that killed it. Eight ethically-sourced pigs have been artistically modified internally and externally to mimic the symptoms of eight different diseases common in our world today. The role of the students is to perform an autopsy on each specimen, and using their knowledge of diseases determine the fatal outcome. The students will be equipped with an ID guide, and a booklet to complete. This exciting one of a kind activity allows the students to get up close and personal with the topic of diseases in a hands on creative way.

This optional activity will be part of the Senior Studies Day on Friday August 17th and is open to any Senior Phase student. You have the opportunity to register for this exciting event when you register for the Senior Studies Day.

Jennah Williams Broome
STEM Coordinator

Ref: 14147SS