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Automotive Excursion to Cummins

On Wednesday our Year 11 and 12 Automotive students attended the Beacon High Impact Perform event at the Cummins workshops at Carol Park. They were welcomed by the Cummins staff and then given a tour of the Cummins premises, looking at the onsite training facilities, where apprentices are given intensive on-site training.

Groves Christian College students were introduced to engine dyno tuning equipment in the Cummins training facility.

Our students were then shown the Cummins bulk parts storage warehouse, which houses over $20 million in spare parts. From there, they viewed the truck workshop with 24 bays for prime movers and did a walk-by the two engine building and rebuilding workshops fitted out with state of the art engineering equipment and testing equipment. A large V18 engine block in the process of being rebuilt so it can be put back into service.

The Cummins and Beacon staff gave an informative presentation to our students which included job-search and interview activities and role plays. They were broken up into teams and with the help of a Cummins employee, developed a ‘do’ and ‘don’t list of job application and interview strategies to ensure their success when attending job interviews. Students teamed up with Cummins employees to brain-storm job interview strategies.

It was a value-packed and highly productive day and gave our students valuable skills and knowledge to be work-ready. Our students thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this event and student feedback showed that some considered the event to be life-changing. A certificate of attendance was given to each student at the conclusion of the day for their resumes.

The Cummins and Beacon staff commented that the Groves students were some of the best-behaved and engaged students who had attended the High-Impact Program. Well done Groves Christian College Senior Automotive Class we are proud of you!

Jeff Genders
Secondary Teacher

Ref: 14045JG