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Stem Club – Survival challenge

At the end of last term, the girls took on the topic of survival. They were tasked with surviving on an island after being “stranded there” after a plane crash. This topic advanced their engineering and math skills along with enhancing their problem solving abilities in a real world situation.

The girls’ first task was fashioning a parachute from the items available on the plane. The girls created a variety of parachutes; we tested each by adding a weight and dropping them from a height to see which groups made it on to the island safely.

The second survival task the girls faced was making a shelter to protect them from the elements. Each shelter was unique, we tested them against wind, flood, and animal invasion to see which groups would survive on the island long enough to try to escape.

The final survival task the girls faced was escaping from the island by building a raft. Collecting sticks, branches, leaves and string the girls created their rafts. Each raft was tested against strong waves and a weight.

Jennah Williams – Broome
STEM Projects & Laboratory Coordinator

Ref: 13808SJ