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Intermediate Chapel

We’ve been blessed to look at different Old Testament characters during Term 2 and 3. Many different speakers (including classes) have visited and shared about how these characters trusted in God or sometimes didn’t trust in God. Some of the characters that we’ve looked at have been Joshua, Daniel, Esther, Adam and Eve, Othniel and David and Goliath.

During week 2, we had the opportunity for some of our Year 12 male leaders come and share with the students in the Intermediate phase. They did a fantastic job of portraying the characters of David and Goliath through an engaging skit. One of the gentlemen, Isaac Chem finished the drama by saying these words: “We all face giants in our life, just like David – but we can overcome them by trusting in God”.

It is awesome to see our Senior phase students encouraging our Intermediate phase students to put their trust in God.

Chapel starts at 8:30 every Thursday in the Hall on Campus 2.

Ellen Wilcox
Primary Chaplain