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Groves Alumni

We value staying connected with our past graduates and seeing you visit campus at various College events. How do you stay connected with Groves?

Engage with us. Attend events, read publications such as news blogs and follow us on social media.

Encourage future leaders and scholars. Let us know what you are thinking. Share your passions and adventures.

Enhance personal best. Tell us where life after Groves has taken you.

At the Groves Community Fair (#grovesfair18) on Saturday, August 4, look out for the Alumni tent. There you will find two familiar faces, Mrs Jane Thornton and Mr Jeff Genders. Drop by and say g’day. They will chat more about how you can stay connected as a Groves Alumni. Register your contact details on the day, in order for us to keep you in the loop of exciting plans to bring our alumni together.

Nerina Callaghan
Community Services Manager

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