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Year 1 Restaurants

On Friday, students from Year One had a wonderful day celebrating their achievements with their peers and families.
Before the big day, the students had worked carefully to decide on a name for their restaurants, create their own menus and make decorations and banners. They learned about the different roles people have in a restaurant; cooking, serving and setting up the restaurant to promote a relaxing and a friendly atmosphere.

The children were very excited to serve their delicious food which they had worked so diligently to prepare. The selection of sandwiches looked amazing and the dessert ‘fruit parfait’ was a sweet delight to customers of all ages.

Our families were invited to come inside their child’s classroom for a little surprise. The students sang their favourite Chapel songs, displayed their reading skills and shared their favourite things they did this term.

It was a beautiful day with smiles from our students, proud parents and teachers.

To view a gallery of photos, please click the link below:

Year 1 Restaurants

Ana Boca
Year 1 Team Leader