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Update from the Fees Advisor

School Fee Payments

To our Groves families I would like to say a big thank you for your continued regular payment of tuition fees. It is very much appreciated.

Let me take this opportunity to remind parents of the procedure should a payment be missed.

1. Catch up payments must be made and depending upon circumstances, may be spread over a couple of weeks if approved by the College.
2. Parents are expected to contact the Fees Office within 7 days, preferably prior to defaulting. Failure to contact this office will result in further action.

Fee payments continue to be processed throughout the school holidays and staff will be in attendance to take your call should the need arise.

As a final reminder, it is an expectation of the College that all tuition fees are cleared by the end of the College calendar year.

Any concerns or enquiries, please email

Thank you once again for your support and have a lovely safe and enjoyable holiday.

Barbara Davison
Fees Advisor

Ref: 13465VO