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The Arts in Foundation

In Year 3 we have been focusing on different styles of dance. We have been searching for the elements of space, time, dynamics, and relationships in various dancing examples. It has been fun learning about the origins of the dance styles, watching them, and having a go. Here are some brave students trying partner dancing from when we looked at ballroom dancing. Other styles have included, ballet, hip hop, swing and latin. Next we will be using what we have observed, in our own choreographed dance sequences.

The Year 2 students have been engaging in Drama. Together they have been supporting each other in extending their skills in acting games. The classroom is often filled with laughter and words of encouragement as students step out of their comfort zones and try new voices, movements and ways to travel through the space. Now we are moving towards creating drama from a prepared script. Already, the commitment to creating meaningful characters is very impressive.

The Foundation Phase students on the oval could not help but smile as the silhouette of Mary Poppins came by. They were even happier to find out that they will be able to meet Mary Poppins in July.

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The Arts in Foundation

Kialyn Wassenberg
Director of Arts