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Primary Athletics Carnival

The Primary Track and Field event was held last Wednesday and Thursday. It was a fantastic two days of competition.  Throughout the carnival we witnessed excellent participation, sporting skill, and superb house spirit. Every year the house spirit continues to grow. This year’s house ‘war cries’ were a highlight. The competition was very close but Livingstone House were the victors, yet again, by taking out the competition for the third consecutive year. Congratulations to all and well done to the following students who achieved medallions.

House Results
1st – Livingstone – 8031
2nd – Elliot – 7277
3rd – Aylward – 7038
4th – Carmichael – 6934

Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards

Year 3 Girls:
1st – Gabbie
2nd – Mikaylah
3rd – Grace
Year 3 Boys:
1st – Joshua
2nd – Imani
3rd – Darius
9yrs Girls:
1st – Aniah
2nd – Pearl
3rd – Jayda
9yrs Boys:
1st – Elianzuri
2nd – Kallum
3rd – Connor
10yrs Girls:
1st – Brooke
2nd – Lyannah
3rd – Tracy
10yrs Boys:
1st – Roberto
2nd – Seth
3rd – Jamie
11yrs Girls:
1st – Dekota
2nd – Amanii
3rd – Gabriella
11yrs Boys:
1st – Believe
2nd – Regan
3rd – Patrick
12yrs Girls:
1st – Blessing
2nd – Nikolina
3rd – Harlee
12yrs Boys:
1st – Max
2nd – Kingston
3rd – Andrew


Andy Hourigan
Director of Sports