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Prep Art Gallery Excursions

Prep T and H visited the Logan Art Gallery on Thursday, 7th June. We learned so many things about different artwork. One of the exhibitions had a collage of pictures made from recycled materials by a local artist, Rachael Lee. After enjoying the display, we went to the workshop to create our own ‘Quirky Houses’ using the collage technique.

Prep C, P and S visited the Logan Art Gallery on Thursday, 14th June. There was a new exhibit called ‘Shibukawa’ and Logan Sister Cities children’s art exchange exhibition which explored the “Landscape to Leave for Future Generations”. It was inspiring to see artwork from other children.

In the artist’s workshop we chose an Australian animal and created patterns with oil pastels. To complete our art piece, we painted our animals and discovered that the paint only went on the empty space on the paper due to the oil pastels. While Prep S were at the gallery, the Brisbane Roar Football Club players paid a visit and joined the students in the workshop.

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered their time to come along with us on this excursion.

To view a gallery of photos, please click the link below.

Art Gallery Excursion

Marie Thompson
Prep T Teacher