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Head of Primary – End of Semester One

Semester One is rapidly drawing to a close, with students and staff preparing to break for the Winter holiday period. I would like to take this opportunity to thank families, students and staff of the Primary School for all their efforts in Semester One this year in our work at Groves. There have been many exciting and successful activities, such as Cross Country and Athletics Carnival, Grandparents Day, excursions and internal events. Thank you for equipping and supporting your children and the staff to make these special days possible.

Report cards from Semester One will soon be emailed and available in the Parent Portal of EduMate. Please remember that we no longer provide a printed copy of reports. If you have any changes in your contact details which might impact your access to reports, please contact the Administration staff to confirm the correct records. It is our hope that the report cards will provide written confirmation of progress, achievements and areas for future effort. If you have questions about any aspect of your child’s report, please contact your class teacher to seek clarification.

To prepare for Semester Two, some reminders are being sent home to families. They include:

  • Stationery supply reminders: Students in Years 1-6 are asked to maintain a supply of their personal, “pencil-case” stationery items. It is highly likely that some of these items need to be replaced or topped up for Term Three, so teachers will be sending home letters with students to identify some of the supplies needed.
  • Uniform reminders: Winter has certainly arrived, and the uniform shop is fully stocked with winter uniform pieces. Teachers will be sending home reminders if they are aware of particular uniform items that need to be purchased or replaced for Semester Two. It is our goal that every child be warm and correctly dressed at the commencement of Term Three, from hair accessories and hair cuts through to footwear. Children who are not in correct uniform may need to have uniforms delivered, but we would prefer to avoid this disruption to your day and have them arrive in full uniform. Please address any items raised by your class teacher and read the Uniform Flyer (Primary) for clarifications about specific winter options such as scarves and stockings if required.

Thank you again for helping us in our vision, to see Loving Hearts and Strong Minds for God shine like stars as they pursue His purpose now and into eternity. On behalf of all the Primary staff members, I hope you all enjoy a restful and safe break and look forward to seeing everyone again on the first day of Term 3, Wednesday, July 18.

Primary Uniform Flyer

Susan Hindle
Head of Primary