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Year 9 HASS Industrial Revolution

The Year 9 Humanities and Social Sciences students have just finished their unit on the Industrial Revolution. Students conducted a historical inquiry into the changes that occurred during this historical period and the significant impact of these changes on people and technology. Students learnt the skill of analysing primary sources to support a hypothesis and produced some fantastic historical reports to present their findings. To conclude this unit, 9A and 9C created a timeline of the telephone to represent the key changes since the first telephone in 1876 to our current mobile phones in 2018. Many students were amazed that their parents may have once used a dial telephone! Pictured below is Damien, Thae Nay, Mang Nu and Tamara contributing to the chronological order of our timeline. Well done!

Annamieka Jones
Secondary HASS Teacher

Ref: 12675SJ