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Year 8 Camp

Year 8 camp was nothing short of remarkable. Upon arriving at Kindilan camp, the students unpacked their gear and had a tour of the camp site. After lunch they began the first of eight action packed activities. There was the terrifying Giant Swing, Raft Building, Orienteering, Trust Exercises, Initiatives, Bush Craft, Rock Climbing and Crate Stack. Every activity gave our students a unique experience and challenged them to persevere to overcome their fears. All activities wouldn’t have been possible without teamwork, our students learnt that they had to communicate and listen to each other’s ideas in order to be successful.

The fun did not end there. After dinner we had night activities, on the first night we had an incredible bush walk and the second night we enjoyed singing songs around a Bonfire. Devotions and worship lead by Chaplain Jeff had a big impact on the cohort. We left Devotions feeling joyful and spiritually refreshed, ready for what God has planned for us next.

Thank you to all the staff at PGL Kindilan camp and to all the Groves staff and students that made the experience possible.

Tom Dalton
Middle Phase Pastoral Care Coordinator

Ref: 12836SJ