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Positions Vacant – school-based traineeships

Please find attached this week’s positions vacant flyers.
Please note – a prerequisite in applying for these positions is the student must be in Years 10 or 11.

Please visit the below link to view the vacancies;

View School-based Traineeship Vacancies

Click the above link
1. Search for the job you are looking for (you can also filter by area, qualification etc.)
2. Click on the job and select apply now
3. You will then begin to fill in the application form (a resume must also be attached)
4. Click submit
5. Admin will be notified of applications and will continue the regular processes (contacting for interviews etc.)
6. If you have any questions or would like further explanation, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Thornton.

Snapshot: Positions Vacant (Gold Coast)
Coolibah Downs Private Estate (Mt Nathan)
Vox Talent (Helensvale)
Presto's Training Cafe (Upper Coomera)

Jane Thornton
Careers Advisor

Ref: 12694SG