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Grandparents Day – Year 3

Foundation Phase celebrated all grandparents and the positive influence they have on their grandchildren. Grandparents, parents, teachers and students came together to view the hard work each class put into their performances.

3T and 3J enjoyed working together to create a performance commemorating proud grandparents and their family histories. 3R and 3H showed the joy grandparents bring to their grandchildren in their rendition of ‘This Life’.

Grandparents, grandchildren and family members enjoyed themselves after the performance with a delicious morning tea. They munched on homemade goodies shared old memories and created new ones altogether.

‘I really liked all the food!’ – Gabrielle 3H
‘I liked the singing on the stage’ – Aijay 3H
‘Talking with the grandparents and sharing the special day!’ – Josiah 3H

To all our Grandparents, we say thank you!

Jack Ramsay
Year 3R Teacher