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Gideons Visit

Today we had the privilege to be visited by Owen and Jeanette from Gideons. The Gideons International in Australia reach people who have no contact with churches and who otherwise might not have been reached for the Lord Jesus Christ. They have distributed close to 16 million Bibles and New Testaments since the establishment of The Gideons International in Australia back in 1956. Owen spoke to us about the organisation and told us some stories of people who have found Christ through their Bibles.

“I learnt that Gideons go out to different schools and public places and teach people about God.” – Sarah

“There is an organisation out in the world to teach people about the Gospel. I want to thank them for doing it and hope that they can visit more people.” – Kane

“They are doing a good job at handing out Bibles to people who can’t get them.” – Brock

Katie Rofeta
Middle Phase Pastoral Care Coordintor

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