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Foundation Health and Physical Education

Prep students enjoyed participating in a range of basic movement experiences exploring the use of space, time, energy and body awareness. Students used bean bags to experiment various throwing techniques such as under arm and over arm throwing. They are also beginning to explore the concept of ‘teamwork’ and how they can work as a group towards a specific goal.

Years 1 and 2 students have enjoyed participating in games and movement activities such as circle tag spaceships to help increase their motor skills. These activities incorporate simple rules with little or no equipment and students have the freedom to use their whole bodies. Students have also had a chance to participate in a pretend ‘rainforest walk’. On this walk, students used their bodies to jump over or avoid various obstacles such as markers and hula hoops, in order to familiarise and work on their body and spatial awareness.

Year 3 students had a chance to experience a variety of activities targeting skills needed for their athletics carnival! Students have been involved in activities such as long jump and shot put, which have allowed them to increase their understanding and knowledge of specific sporting techniques. Students have also enjoyed learning about what makes a person happy and healthy.

Anthony Matthews
HPE Teacher