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We Love Reading!

As part of the English program in Prep, students participate in Literacy rotations where they practise a variety of different reading and writing skills daily. There are four to five different learning activities that students can complete. Students have been working on reading strategies like ‘Eagle Eye’ where they look to the pictures for clues, or ‘Lips the Fish’ where students use the beginning sound to decipher a tricky word. Students listen to read aloud stories and follow along with a book. This assists with developing vocabulary and word recognition. Another activity is using letter tracing cards to practise formation and technique when writing. Students also work alongside our teacher aides to practise writing simple words by using the sounds of letters. During independent reading time, students have access to a variety of different tools. In the photos attached, students are using whisper phones to hear the sounds and words they are forming whilst reading. They also use torches to point to the words. Home readers each night are a great way to reinforce literacy concepts discussed throughout each day and continue to develop a life-long love of reading!

Hannah Clements
Prep H Teacher

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