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Foundation Assembly Week 2

For our ANZAC Assembly on Monday, we commemorated our brave soldiers who fought for our country during the war. Foundation Phase proudly sang the National Anthem and students carried photographs relating to ANZAC while we talked about the meaning of ANZAC Day. Dawt from 2M read a poem about our countrymen who lost their lives but their memory still lives on. Foundation students laid their handmade wreaths at the foot of the Australian flag as the song “Can You Hear Australia’s Heroes Marching” was played in the background. The Ode was read by our Year One Teacher, Mrs Dengate. We listened to the ‘Last Post’ and remained silent for a minute to pay our respects and reflect on our freedom at the cost of brave men and women who served their country. To conclude, we thanked God for his ultimate sacrifice, sending his son on the cross to die so we could live. Today, we have hope for eternity.

Ashwina Milburn
Head of Phase: Foundation

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