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ANZAC Day Assembly and March

From the didgeridoo welcome, the ANZAC Day service held at the College on Monday, was a true reflection of what the ANZAC’s had done for us. The College Drumline played for the catafalque party (flags) entry to the MPC. The Senior Choir sang the National anthems of Australia and New Zealand, as well as an item that they would also perform later in the week at Aged Care Homes. The service this year was led by our students, from the welcome by College Captains to the Intermediate Captains closing in prayer. We wish to thank everyone involved in the 2018 ANZAC Day Assembly.

Additionally, on Wednesday, April 25, some students, College Captains and staff represented Groves in the Logan Central ANZAC Day March and memorial service. Thank you to those who attended.

Jeff Sorensen

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