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Year 8 visit Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre

Some of our Year 8 students had the privilege of joining the International students on an excursion out to the Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre. Students were immersed in nature, heritage and cultural places. They discovered many different types of marine animals and plants as well as places and stories that make Moreton Bay special.

It was a full-day program in which students were split in two groups, with each spending half the time aboard the boat, ‘Inspiration’ and the other half exploring St Helena Island. While aboard ‘Inspiration’, they adopted the role of Ecologists to identify organisms in Moreton Bay. They conducted investigations into the physical features of the different planktonic organisms with microscopes and a plankton trawl.

On St Helena Island, students had a historical tour. They observed where and when Indigenous Australians would travel to the island for different food sources, and toured the old buildings that were once used as a prison for early settlers and enjoyed the lovely scenery and wildlife.

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Tom Dalton
Middle Phase Pastoral Coordinator

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